Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anything like Leif...

My Mom flew in last Monday for Thanksgiving...we have been so busy and really felt like we didn't really get to spend as much time with her as we would have liked.  She was supposed to leave today but thankfully we were able to change her flight and keep her around for another week!  Yaaaayyy!  This gave Leif and I the opportunity to have a little date night while Grammy and Aiden hung out at home!  We went to a yummy restaurant in downtown Charleston called Coast...on the way home we heard one of our favorite songs...we have loved this song since we found out that we were having a boy!!!  It reminded me of a video I made for Leif on his first Father's Day...the lyrics to the song are so simple yet so true...
In all honesty...I hope he is everything like his Daddy!!!    Leif is such a great man...he probably gave his parents a few "heartattacks" but what son doesn't?

***Obviously I didn't write, produce, record or even have any input into this song so of course to be "legal"  the song is "Anything like me" written by Charles Dubois, Brad Paisley and Dave Turnbull and performed by Brad Paisley!

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  1. How Sweet!! Doesn't it seem like you were just in the ultrasound room finding out about the baby!! Amazing how time flies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header picture. I hope you have a huge one framed at home :-)!