Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...we sure did!  Although my entire family was not together, I was lucky enough to have my mom in town and my husband's brother, his wife and their adorable little boy Elijah!  We had a full house and it was alot of fun...having two little boys roaming the house brings new meaning to hearing the "pitter patter of little feet".  These boys were running, jumping, banging, "exploring", dancing and just having a good ole time.  Our nephew, Elijah, will be 2 in January so him and Aiden are a little over 8 months apart but practically the same size!  They do not get to spend a lot of time together because we live in SC and they live in MD so considering that this is the first time they have really "played" together we were all very exciting!  These boys were truly our entertainment all weekend long!  I lovingly referred to them as "Pete" and "Repeat"  What one didn't think of, the other surely did!!!  Two quick cute stories...sometimes as a parent you just HAVE to take a picture that you know 20 years from now would completely embarrass your child...I think it is a right of passage!  My mom has some silly bath time pictures of me and my sister and a few of me with old "boyfriends"... you know, your first love when you are 5!!!  Well we took a few "bath time" pictures as well.  The boys both love the bath, they were both just smiling and splashing away.  When is it was time to actually "bathe" the boys we told Elijah to wash Aiden's back.....PRICELESS picture taking ensued!

I think the word cute is truly and understatement when it comes to these boys!  They both just ooze personality and let me tell you...little Elijah is a dancing machine...that boy has THE moves!!!  Aiden would just laugh when Elijah would "break it down"...Aiden likes to dance but he has a more subtle style where as Elijah brings new meaning to "Baby got back".  This little boy can shake his lil rear like it's nobody's business. We had some music playing and Elijah was shaking his groove thing when all of the sudden Aiden walked up to the TV, put his hands on the stand and started shaking his butt! 

Elijah watched for a second and then thought...."NICE MOVES"...he walked up and copied his cousin!!!  Again....PRICELESS!!!

We truly had a blast watching these two boys play together!  It is so heartwarming to know that they can build this relationship as the years progress and one day, when they are "big" boys, we can share these fun little stories with them...even better will be sharing these pictures and some pretty hilarious videos!!!

PS....Have you ever tried to take a family picture with 2 rambunctious toddlers????  I hope your picture turned out a little better than ours...

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