Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Halloween 2009...One Year Ago!

Yes this weekend was filled with more firsts but the biggest most obvious one is that it was Aiden's first time trick or treating!  He was just a little "hotdog" (seriously) last year so we stayed home but this year I was so excited for him to walk around the neighborhood with his little candy bag!  I had been practicing with him so that he would know what to do...well let me tell you that my boy was a PRO!  He had been very fussy all day and I was worried that trick or treating would have to wait another year but when it was show time he was on point!  The trick or treaters started coming before it was even dusk but we decided to wait for the sun to set!  At the first house our neighbor was dressed up like Woody from toy story and he was so patient with Aiden.  He stood at the top of his porch and let Aiden walk all the way down the sidewalk to him and just like we had practiced the treat bag went up and in went the candy!  Is it silly that I was proud of him?  At a few houses Aiden tried to take the whole candy bucket and that gave us all a good little chuckle!  The kids in the neighborhood were so cute and so anxious to get as much candy as possible.  When one group was walking up to our house I heard the kid who had just left say "that lady gives a lot of candy"...Thanks seemed like those kids were counting each piece I put 4 or 5 pieces too much?  Our goal was to have no candy left over...we did pretty good!!!  I have always enjoyed seems like every year is a challenge to find unique costumes!  Daddy thought of this years theme...we were a one stop shop for all of your insurance needs!!!  Now we start brainstorming for next year!!!

Aiden's first Trick or Treat!


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  1. OMG. These pictures are soo good. Aiden is too cute. I love it that you practiced with him. I would have never thought of that. Thanks for the update