Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY in Gunder-Land!

We have been extremely busy here in Gunder-Land.  It seems like my "to-do" list continues to grow and sometimes I would rather just have a good time with my family than narrow down my list!  With all of the excitement of Thanksgiving and having lots of company, the hubby and I got rolling!  We have been combing this great city for the perfect TV stand for our bonus room with absolutely no luck!  After more than 6 months of looking we finally found something...only 1 was completely unfinished!!!  PROJECT TIME!!!  Hubby and I worked on this thing for 3 hours the first night and then he worked on it for another 3-4 hours the next day while I ran errands and tended to our little boy!  Not to toot our horn BUT TOOT TOOT!  It looks great!  What do you think???



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