Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MUMS the word...

OK I will admit it...I have a black thumb!  I couldn't keep a plant alive if my life depended on it!  When Aiden was 6 months old, my hubby congratulated me on keeping him alive for 6 months because my track record with plants had him worried!  A baby is cake compared to plants!  Despite the fact that I have consistently killed my fall mums for the past, OH say, 6 years I decided that I was going to give it the old college try again.  We had a halloween party so the Thursday before I went and bought 2 beautiful mums...Leif thought I bought them too soon...yes 2 days was too soon...but magically they made it to the party....well guess what?  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks that I have kept my mums alive! Seems like no big deal but considering my history, this is quite the accomplishment!  What's the secret you ask?  Well for my fellow "black thumber's", here is what I learned from the toothless guy at the produce stand.  Go toThe Dollar Store and purchase aluminum pie tins, place mum in the pie tin and make sure that there is always water in the pie tin....THE END!!!  As long as there is water in your pie tin your mum will be as happy as a....mum in a pie tin...the mum will take the water it needs and thus you will not over water it!!!  I wonder if this will work for other plants because when it comes to killing plants I am an equal opportunity killer!
I used pie tins I already had!
Not too bad for 3 weeks later and a few morning frosts!!!

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  1. They REALLY do look good. Who knows, maybe pie tins are the answer...makes sense to me.