Sunday, February 5, 2012


A funny thing happened at the park yesterday...despite the frigid temperature we decided to bundle Aiden up and take him to the park to burn some of that endless energy.  Nap time has been so incredibly enjoyable  hard lately, so we were hoping that an hour of intense play would help our cause.  Aiden was so pumped...we usually have to spell P-A-R-K in the presence of Aiden otherwise he sounds like a skipping record.  "I want to go to the park, I want to go to the park, I want to go to the park, I want to go to the park" (you get the idea).  While at the park Aiden noticed a boy on his bicycle...he chased this 5 year old around for probably about 15 minutes.  Here was our view for much of that 15 minutes...

The hub and I were patiently following Aiden and laughing as he desperately tried to catch this boy on his bicycle.  Here was our conversation:

Hub:  Wow he is obsessed with that boy on the bike.
Me:  Well, I guess we now know what we are going to get him for his third birthday
Hub:  Yeah, a brother
Me:  I was thinking more along the lines of a bike!!!

KIDS HUSBANDS say the darnedest things!!!


  1. That's funny! Time for a sibling ;)

    1. Its amazing. Aiden is so smart! He knows exactly what he wants and doesn't mind telling you. I think you should give the boy what he wants...and soon! A little brother would be great...a little sister would be over the moon. I am sure he will take either one. xoxo