Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow Days...

I am almost 2 weeks behind on this post...story of my life!!!
Two weeks ago we had 7 inches of snow here in Newport, RI.  Coming from Charleston, S.C. we were pretty excited about the thought of frolicking in the snow.  The flurries started late Friday evening and I was so giddy I wanted to wake my sleeping baby.  I know I know, never wake a sleeping I waited!!!  On Saturday morning Aiden was so excited.  He kept saying "look Mommy, it's sowing (snowing)"  I think the "n" got lost in the excitement!  Once we had the proper attire...I am pretty sure ballet flats wouldn't work in the snow so I had to get some real snow boots...we were ready to play!

I had visions of a 20 minute dressing session for about 5 minutes of play.  Much to my surprise, Aiden last a little less than an hour.  We had so much fun!  I think his favorite part was being pulled around the backyard on the sled!  The picture below is my favorite on so many levels...I am running around the yard in 7 inches of snow, Buddy is running around the yard, Aiden is laughing hysterically while laying on the sled, and he is still holding his water gun in his hand.

And of course, pretty white snow makes for a great photo op....

Once we were all worn out from the snow...we needed to warm up and relax...sounds like the perfect time for some yummy hot chocolate...

The snow was gone by Monday and we were OK with that!  On Tuesday while walking to the car after school, Aiden noticed a snow drift.  "Look Mommy, It "sowed""  I guess he wasn't quite ready for it to melt away yet!!!

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  1. Great story and pictures. Thank you for always making me feel like I am right there in the moment with you. As I have said many times, you should write a book. xoxo