Thursday, February 23, 2012

Showered with Love...

This past weekend we traveled to Maryland to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Bella!  Isabella Grace is due in April (hopefully on my birthday) and is so incredibly lucky to have 2 wonderful parents.  Nicole and Jose are two people who go way back in my life.  Here is a quick back story...Jose and I were lifeguards together starting at the age of 15...Nicole and I have been friends since, hhmmmm Middle School????  While life guarding during the summer Nicole and some other friends would come to the pool to visit me and occasionally try to convince my boss (Jose) to let me leave for lunch or dinner.  We would usually have to bribe him with a free dinner but he usually obliged our constant pestering!  So me being the match maker that I am, I decided to "set up" Nicole and Jose!  The rest is history and now we all anxiously await Baby Bella!!!
I was so incredibly thrilled to find out that Nicole and Jose were expecting...they are two of the nicest and most loving people I know and let me tell you, there is nothing I wouldn't do for my Nicole...and I mean it!  Aiden and I flew to Maryland....and boy was that a sight...Me, Aiden, a carry on, 1 checked bag, his car seat, my camera bag and 2 coats walking into the airport...not an easy task!  A delayed flight..."Mommy, when is it our turn to get on the airplane"...flying at nap time (bad planning on my part)...getting all of the aforementioned belongings off the luggage carousel, onto a cart and into a rental car was probably entertaining enough for a reality show (thanks Krystal for meeting me at the airport and helping me out)!  So like I was saying...there is NOTHING that I wouldn't do for my girl Nicole!  I would move mountains for this girl!
The shower was absolutely was a joint effort by both families and I was just lucky enough to be allowed to help!  I made the flower arrangements, arranged the decor, helped with the set up, and brought the games!  It was so much fun!  To say that Nicole and Jose (and Isabella) are loved would be a complete understatement!  Take a look for yourself...

 much love for this amazing family!  They deserve it all and more!!!!  Congratulations to such an amazing couple!!!!
How cute is she????

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