Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Potty Time...

I am proud to say that my baby  little boy is potty trained!  I really can't believe that we have cut our last thread of babyhood (diapers) and moved on into the world of little boy (underwear).  If I am being completely honest, I really can not take any credit for the success of potty training.  Aiden has been ready for a while and selfishly I decided to wait until we were finally here in RI and had the holidays out of the way.  I knew that in the early stages of potty training, once the words "Mommy I have to go potty" come out, you have about 12 seconds to get the pants down and the boy on the seat.  The idea of multiple long road trips, potty training, public restrooms and pee pee accidents in a car seat seemed to be more than I could handle at an already stressful time.  So once we arrived back to RI after the holidays potty boot camp was in effect.  Prior to starting, I had a discussion with Aiden's teacher about how I was starting potty training on Friday so I hoped to have him in underwear by the time he returned to school on Tuesday...another mother overheard the conversation and walked over to us and said "that won't happen, Good Luck with that".  (thanks for the support lady)  On Friday January 6th, when Aiden woke up in the morning, the diaper came off and we never looked back!  He did amazingly well!  From that moment until now, including that following Tuesday when he went back to school :-), he has only had around 6 accidents all were at home except for 1 (Sorry Jimmy and Lindsey) and all were Pee Pee, Thankfully!!!!  He does wears a pull up at night...last night he woke up at midnight and by the time I got downstairs he was in the dark bathroom with the "big boy" toilet seat up, attempting to get his pants down, saying "Mommy I have to go pee pee".  I helped him up, he did his business, and was in bed asleep before I could wipe off the toilet seat, flush and check on him!  Most mornings he is dry...other times there is a little moisture!!  In an effort to not completely embarrass my child, I will refrain from posting any pics of him on the potty (although they do exist)....however, how cute are these???

I definitely believe that Aiden was just ready to transition.  Once we introduced the potty and Elmo's Potty time, he just began the transition on his own.  We really tried not to force him, or bribe him, or scold him.  Once he showed a continued interest and we were settled, we became more consistent and eliminated diapers all together (except pull ups at bedtime only)!
I recently read something about how most bloggers act as if their life, marriage, family, and children are perfect.  So in an effort to be honest...after a rough pregnancy, a rough delivery, moving 500 miles 3 weeks postpartum, a child who wouldn't take a bottle (wanted his milk straight from the tap every 2 hours), hated the car seat as an infant, had severe food allergies, was underweight, and didn't sleep through the night until he was 2...potty training was a breeze...and I deserve it!!! maybe just a little embarrassment!!!

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