Thursday, February 2, 2012


-I was up before 7 am
-I made breakfast and lunch before 8 am
-Aiden went to school
-I went to starbucks (I deserve it damnit),  BJ's, the commissary, and Walmart
-I used a coupon and got $10 worth of Kraft products for $0.35
-I purchased 3 plane tickets using rewards points and bargain shopping for price
-caught up on my 3 out of 1 million phone calls I needed to make
-made the hubby lunch
-made homemade pico de gallo, chicken and beef tacos, and guacomole for our dinner guests
-picked Aiden up from school
-played the "I don't want to take a nap" game for 2 hours
-let the dog out approximately 4,762 times (loves the cold weather but doesn't want to miss a thing)
-cleaned the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen (sorry bathrooms, you didn't make the cut today)
-wore work out clothes all day because I was determined to work out ( at 4:55 I gave in)
-took a shower at 5p.m b/c our dinner guests were arriving at 5:30.
-finished dinner, set the table, and entertained a wonderful Navy Wife and her beautiful daugther!!!

To be honest...I wish I accomplished more...
Welcome to the world of a stay at home mom...I am still searching for all of that "free time"!!!!

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