Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip Drama...

This past weekend went by so fast that I am still trying to process everything that happened!  We really tried to cram so much into such short period of time...I believe that is the story of my life.  My in-laws came through in a pinch and drove from Beaufort, SC to VA Beach, VA to hang with Aiden so the hubby and I could see an endless amount of homes with out worrying about entertaining our boy! (Thank you Nana and Pops)  Aiden just loves Nana and Pops, he talks about them non-stop so we were so excited for him to get to see them.  On our travel day, Aiden told everyone he was going to see Nana and Pops...the poor boy waited all day to see them and then fell asleep 5 minutes before we got to the Sheraton to meet up with them!  I felt so bad for him but he was equally excited when he woke up to Nana and Pops sleeping in the bed right next to him Friday morning!
***We have a cute video but were sure that Nana would kill us if we put up a video of her first thing in the morning***

If you think 2 full days of house hunting seems like enough excitement for you, just wait until you hear about the real "drama" that occurred right outside of our hotel room!  Around midnight on Friday, I had just dozed off next to Aiden while the boys were watching some NCAA basketball.  The next thing I know I hear the boys go running out into the hallway and a man is screaming "help me help me".  I run out of the room only to see a man laying in the elevator with blood everywhere.  Needless to say there was a lot of commotion.  The man is screaming "my wife stabbed me...keep her away from me...she still has the knife".  We look over and this lady is screaming back at him holding a bloody towel which was concealing the knife.  You are probably thinking the same thing I was, "is this really happening?"  The man starts screaming about his baby...baby???? Leif asks him what he is talking about and finds out there is a 6 month old baby in their room alone.  I run to call 911 and Leif goes to check on the baby...this precious little baby is sound asleep in the bed surrounded by blood :-(!   Here's the real kicker...911 was busy!!!  I swear I waited for an eternity for someone to finally pick up the phone...once I talked to the dispatcher the cops showed up in no time!  Talk about scary!  In hindsight I thought I was pretty calm but let's be realistic, I was so nervous!  Through out that night and into the next day we spent a lot of time talking about what happened, what could have happened, and what was yet to come for this family.  One thing became very clear...had the boys not inquired about the "noise" who knows what could have happened???  And that poor little baby....the next morning as Leif and I were headed out to another fun filled day of house hunting we saw the man who had been stabbed standing in the lobby holding his sweet little baby!!!  This is an experience that you wouldn't expect to see in a million years...and I hope a million years pass before I see it again!!!

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