Sunday, December 1, 2013


Although our family was not complete this Thanksgiving, we were surrounded by so many wonderful people who we consider to be family.  Leif was physically absent but definitely here in our thoughts and throughout our daily conversation.
A few snaps from the day...
If your wondering how Thanksgiving is on a warship, Leif said that as soon as they sat down to eat someone thought the saw a man overboard... They all had to muster for a count and then once everyone on the entire ship was accounted for they were able to eat...I guess that is just business as usual for those serving throughout the holidays!

I keep telling myself "just get through the holidays". The truth is that I am so Thankful for the people around me who will not let me "just get through", rather  they insist that I enjoy it, have help and will not let me be alone.  They reach out with kind words, invite us over, stop by or check in to make sure we have solid plans...most of them aren't family by blood...they are family by know who you are and more importantly, so do we!  Thank you will never be enough!

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