Thursday, March 1, 2012

Half Birthday Boy!!!

Two and a Half Years Awesome!!

Happy Half Birthday to my little boy.  It is so hard to believe that you are only 2.5 years old yet I wonder where the time has gone!  I really can't, nor do I want, to remember my life before you.  I am constantly amazed by your personality, intelligence, compassion and spunk.  There isn't a day that goes by that I am not constantly blown away by something that you say or do...a couple of weeks ago, I was getting dressed to go see some friends one evening, I heard the rumble of your feet across the upstairs floor and I see you behind me in the mirror.  You stop dead in your tracks, give me the once over and say "Wow Mommy, you are beautiful"...instant heartbreak!!!  How did I get so lucky?  Not only are you sweet but you are so funny too!  Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom and you came running looked at me with a huge smile on your face, clapping your hands and said "YAAAAYYY Mommy, You did it!  You pee pee'd in the potty! Good Job!"  :-)

A little bit about 2 1/2 year old you...

After holding strong at 25 lbs for a while you are now a whopping 26.4 lbs
You are the least pitiful sick child I have ever met...about a month ago you had your first ear infection.  The only reason I knew that you had an ear infection is because you had bloody drainage coming out of your ear.  You never once complained!  Other than that, and of course a runny nose, you are so incredibly healthy.
You have great eating habits.  I feel so lucky that you aren't a picky eater.  Your latest obsessions are soup and onions.  Yes I know that sounds crazy but you love onions sauteed in olive oil...even if we aren't having onions with our meal, you will say "more onions, please"  The usual favorites still stand strong...blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, fruit snacks, and hotdogs.  Some new front runners are "gits" (grits), jelly sandwich, plums, and cheeze its

Oh, my sweet you have a way with words!  The things you say are with out a doubt wise beyond your long 2 1/2 years of life!  You know exactly how to melt my heart "Mommy, pick me up and love on me.  I love you, you're my baby"
Right now everything is your "favorite"..."yummy, this corn is my favorite", "this song is my favorite", "that fish is my favorite", "I like this car, it's my favorite" "buddy is a good boy, he is my favorite".  You have recently become very keen on the word "sure"...and you are very proud of yourself when you use it.  Although I prefer for you to say "yes, Ma'am" the way you say "Sure" with extreme enthusiasm is incredibly cute!  Another front runner in the vocabulary department is "probably"  Me:  Aiden are you hungry?  Aiden: Hmmm Let me think about it...Probably not!  You told your teacher the other day (while sitting on the potty) that "when mommy comes to pick me up we are probably going to go see Daddy"

Your absolute favorite game to play is "hide and seek" always want one of us to hide and then you insist that the other carries you around to seek.  "Mommy Hide"  "Daddy Hide"  You also love to "take our order" with either a pen and paper or by pretending to type on a calculator.  You love to build "castles"...we always have to build something with pillows, blankets, boxes, or blocks...and every building is a "castle"

Other Notables:
You are so incredibly affectionate!  You give the best hugs and love to get "little kisses" and giggle when I give them back to you.  You also love to use that affection to your always ask to snuggle on the couch when I tell you it's nap time!  You are becoming so independent!  One of your favorite things to say is "I want to do it my byself"  Daddy and I just love the way you say that...should we even correct you?  You also remember everything...Nana and Pops parking there car in our driveway, Grandpa plays golf, our old house in Charleston, going to Disney World, our airplane rides...and if we tell you something that we are going to do soon, you become a broken record "I am going to the Children's Museum, I am going to the Children's Museum, I am going to the Children's museum."

My sweet Aiden,
You are becoming a "little man" right before my eyes!  I am not quite sure what I did to deserve such a sweet, compassionate, smart and inquisitive little boy.  You bring so much joy to, not only mine and Daddy's life, but to everyone who knows you the way that we do.  There is just something about you that makes everyone fall in love with you.  Happiness is a complete understatement when describing what you bring to my life.  I love you more than I could ever put into words and am so incredibly proud to be your Mommy.  With all you have accomplished in 2 1/2 years, the world is yours baby boy!!!

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