Monday, March 26, 2012

House Hunting...

As shocking as it may sound, we are quickly approaching our next move.  When I posted that we were going house hunting on Facebook, so many people responded with "ALREADY?"...Yes, our time here in RI is winding down.  This was a short training command so our time here will total a whopping 7 months...just when we filed our claim for the damages from the last move, it is time to start scheduling the next one!  Being the crazy, OCD, planner that I am, I wanted to start our search as soon as possible and start narrowing down our choices. We will be headed to the Hampton Roads area next so there is a lot of ground to cover.  After 2 full days of house hunting, 2 flights, 500+ miles logged on the rental car and over 25 houses/builders later, we have a better idea of where we want to be and even more of an idea of what we do and do not want.  Having already moved about 7 times, I knew that I would be sure of what I was looking for but I am just not sure the Realtor was ready for me.  We drove up to several houses and in some cases only pulled onto the first street of the neighborhood before I told her it wasn't even worth going any farther!  Poor lady!!  Despite the stress of searching and searching and searching for what was right for us we are actually pretty excited about the progress we have made.  We have not made any offers but here are a few of our favorites...
This was a model home that we loved...if we built this home we would change the floor plan a little!  Good-Bye $17k sun room, hello extra bedroom and bathroom!

This was one of the only homes that we liked exactly as is!!!

Cute southern style home with a front porch living style neighborhood!  The interior of this home is amazing and the back yard was huge!

This home was so cute but for some reason all of the interior doors were a natural wood color! 

This home was being renovated with brand new appliances, granite and hardwood ...but the guest bathroom had pink vinyl floors YUCK!


  1. They all look very nice, but I like # 2 the best :):)
    Happy house hunting, you will be guided to the right home for your family.

  2. I love love love the southern style house!!!! :) A*

  3. I like the second one the best! I was also wondering if you would still be there when I come, or some where else. Well, hope to see you in the summer!