Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Football Season

From the moment we found out that Aiden was a boy, daddy has dreamed of today...his first day of football practice.  It was such a bummer that he had to miss this moment but with my trusty iPhone I was able to email daddy a play by play.  Aiden has been so eager to start football.  6 o'clock could not get here quick enough for my little man.  I just knew he was going to burst onto the field with his "super fast shoes" and possibly even "hit the turbo button" a few times...his words of course!  In true Aiden fashion, the moment he had to leave my side the life was just sucked out of him.  I was so upset.  Frustrated because he wouldn't stand 10 feet away from me, sad because all of the dads were there sitting on the sideline and I knew Leif would be on that field in a red hot minute, disappointed because he was SO excited just 5 minutes prior while telling me how fast he was.  I felt helpless because I had Easton with me andcouldn't  leave him and while I had tennis shoes on, I did not have the proper bra on...large breast feeding boobs, a nursing bra, and running do not mix!  TRUST ME!

After giving Aiden some time he decided to hit the field...the rest of the practice was amazing!  I was so proud of him.  He listened well, caught on quick, and really had a lot of fun!  

Daddy would have been so proud!  I may or may not have sent him 4 videos and a dozen pictures!

Surprisingly, I am THAT mom!  Cheering  from the sidelines at the first practice...I come by it honestly ;-).  First scrimmage is Saturday...Go Gators!!!!

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