Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School days

It's that time of year again...first day of school!  I had a mixture of emotions...I was excited and looking forward to a little bit of time to be able to run errands, give Easton lots of attention, and develop a more consistent routine.  On the other hand I was dreading Aiden's anxiety about Mommy leaving him, the tears at drop off and the inability to be spontaneous and travel like we have been doing since Daddy left!  But in the real world discipline and routine trump fun and travel which is precisely why I never want to really grow up!

Aiden was so excited about his first day of PreK...
Daddy had to be in the picture since he couldn't be here to go with us on the first day!  Of course we had to make a bunch of silly faces for the camera!
Aiden was STILL excited once we arrived at school...walked right in!
Once we were in the classroom his excitement diminished a little and he no longer allowed pictures!  He didn't want me to leave but once it was time for Momma to head out I asked Aiden for a kiss..."I already gave you one" he whispered in a sweet yet oh so grown up tone.  OK, point taken!  No kisses in the classroom this year.  While you would think the whole world could hear my heart shatter, the truth is I was much as I love kisses, this boy could "1 more kiss" me right into snack time!  I took my "already been kissed" cue and hit the ground running...all the way to breakfast with some other slightly drained, slightly nervous parents who may or may not have had Bloody Mary's with their eggs.  I, on the other hand, stuck to hot tea...I'll save my Bloody Mary morning for day 2 when the teacher had to pry a screaming kid off of me!  Here's hoping day 3 is a little better!

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