Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just Aiden and Daddy...a world apart!

This morning we had an unexpected early phone call from Daddy.  Since he told me this information over the phone I assume I can go ahead and say it...he was in Saudi Arabia for an in-port exercise with the Saudi's.  This isn't a fun liberty port so he won't be able to go sightseeing, Skype or do anything at his own leisure.  However, he will get to leave the ship for a few socials at the consulate.

As usual, I let Aiden have the phone so that he could talk to daddy.  Normally he either holds the phone and talks or he paces the floor as he tries to re-tell stories and "show" daddy things!  This morning was a little different.  Aiden grabbed the phone from me, climbed up in the bed, got under the covers and snuggled the phone.  I couldn't help but feel sad for him.  He misses his Daddy, we all miss him, but he just doesn't really know how to grasp his absence.  He has verbalized his desire for Daddy to come home but I never really realized that he was probably missing Daddy snuggles and just Daddy and Aiden time.  When he was home at a reasonable hour, Daddy always put Aiden to bed.  I could hear them in the other room just talking (like they were best friends), laughing, reading books and saying prayers...Aiden obviously misses that and although it may not be the same, this morning with Daddy on the other side of the world, Aiden found a way to give himself what he was needing...a little "Daddy and Aiden" time...snuggles and all!!!

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